The Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR) is a transportation research component of Texas Southern University. Located minutes from downtown Houston, Texas Southern University is a state supported institution established in 1947 with the limited mission of serving the African-American population in Texas. Due to the urban location of its campus, Texas Southern University recognized the opportunity and responsibility to address the problems of urbanization in the community. The mission, faculty, and student population has since broadened and diversified representing over 65 different countries, nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Texas Southern University has several academic programs and areas of research throughout the campus. Housed within the Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building is Transportation Studies, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the discipline of Airway Science and Transportation Planning and Management. Moreover, as a companion to the Department of Transportation Studies, the CTTR is dedicated to conducting research on current Transportation issues. CTTR conducts research and training in conjunction with the Southwestern Region University Transportation Center. The consortium consists of Texas A&M University, Texas Southern University, and University of Texas at Austin. CTTR is guided by an Advisory Board representing public and private sectors, university scholars, and transportation officials. Grants are also received from the US Department of Transportation, the state of Texas, and other public and private sources.

As a companion to Transportation Studies, CTTR supports the academic curriculum by offering employment and training opportunities in research and demonstration projects. The cornerstone of CTTR's future agenda is the theme Preparing Professionals to Move This Millenium. This theme focuses on conducting applied research to solve and identify options for the improvement of mobility and the quality of life. By applying state-of-the-art techniques and research methodologies, CTTR research associates identify problems and solutions to a variety of issues facing our society. These issues include the following: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), operation of intermodal systems, alternative fuel comparison studies, suburban employment growth/transit accessibility issues, policy and planning, and human resource management. A cadre of private/public sector networks and partnerships will ensure that CTTR remains an integral part of the regional, national, and global alliance of transportation professionals. The dissemination of information throughout these networks and partnerships will continue to be accomplished by workshops, conferences, and seminars.



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