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Driving Simulator


The DriveSafety DS-600c simulator, a simulation system research studies have shown to effectively approximate driving in the real world, is a fully integrated, high performance, high fidelity driving simulation system designed for use in ground vehicle research, training and assessment applications. It provides multi-channel audio/visual systems, 180°, 240°, 300°, 360° wraparound display options, full-width automobile cab including windshield, driver and passenger seats, center console and dash, full instrumentation, control loaded steering, braking and acceleration, mini-LCD rear-view mirrors, plus real-time motion simulation through DriveSafety’s Q-Motion (tm) platform.



With the DriveSafety DS-600c simulator, Department of Transportation Studies in TSU can pursue research opportunities in key areas including:


 1) The assessment of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) concepts

 2) Driver preference and acceptance research

 3) Accident analysis and development of crash avoidance counter-measures

 4) Design and evaluation of automotive products and technologies.


Autoscope Van

The Autoscope Van at ITRI is a state-of-the-art mobile ITS data collecting system. It is equipped with two Autoscope Solo Pro cameras that are mounted on a 42' telescoping mast. By connecting with the computer and video recording equipments in the van, these two cameras can simultaneously process, record and store traffic data.

The Autoscope van is an effective tool for collecting on-site, real time traffic data at any locations - heavily traveled freeways, busy signalized intersections, work zones, or remote rural locations.  In addition, it is a non-intrusive data collection device - it does not require placing or installing any equipment in travel lanes. The Autoscope van will serve as a platform for a wider range of transportation studies.

Portable Emission Monitoring System

Equipped with Portable Emission Monitoring System - OEM 2100, the department of Transportation Studies in TSU is now capable of conducting projects to measure and evaluate vehicle turning impacts to air quality including vehicle emissions and fuel consumption and projects to investigate the significance of the change of emissions and fuel consumption by using stop signs and by left-turn and right-turn movements on local streets.


Mini-Transtar Lab


Department of Transportation Studies
TB 125, College of Science & Technology, Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston, Texas 77004-9986 USA
Phone (713) 313-1841 or (713) 313-6809 
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Dr. Yi Qi, Interim Chair
Ms. Paula Eakins, Administrative Assistant


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