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Xiaoming Chen
Post-Doctoral Research Associate , Department of Transportation Studies

  • Office: Trailer #15
  • Telephone: (713) 313-1854
  • Fax: (713) 313-1856
  • E-mail: chenxm.sammy@gmail.com


Research Interests:

    • Traffic operations

    • Traffic flow theory

    • Traveler behavior modeling

    • Pedestrians and bicycles

Fully Refereed Journal Articles:

1.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Hao Yue. Influence of pedestrian traffic on capacity of right-turning movements at signalized intersections. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol. 2073:114-124, 2008.

2.      Xiaoming Chen, Da Li, Nan Ma, Chunfu Shao. Prediction of user perceptions of signalized intersection level-of-service based on Fuzzy Neural Networks. Transportation Research Record, Vol.2130: 7-15, 2009.

3.       Hao Yue, Herui Hao, Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao. Simulation of pedestrian flow on square lattice based on cellular automata model. Physica A, 384: 567-588, 2007.

4.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Da Li, Chunjiao Dong. Capacity reliability of signalized intersections with mixed traffic conditions. Journal of Tsinghua University: Tsinghua Science and Technology, 14 (3): 333-340, 2009.

5.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Yue Hao. Influence of bicycle traffic on capacity of typical signalized intersection. Journal of Tsinghua University: Tsinghua Science and Technology, 12(2):198-203, 2007.

6.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Zhihua Xiong. Research on capacity reliability of signalized intersections in mixed traffic conditions. China Journal of Highway and Transport, 21(4): 99-104, 2008. (in Chinese)

7.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Wei Nie. Studies on capacity of signalized intersections influenced by pedestrian traffic. China Civil Engineering Journal. 40(3): 66-72, 2007. (in Chinese) 

8.      Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Zhisheng Yao. Research on successive crossings of left-turn bicycles at typical signalized intersections. China Civil Engineering Journal, 41(7): 66-72, 2008. (in Chinese)

9.      Hao Yue, Chunfu Shao, Xiaoming Chen, Herui Hao. Simulation of bi-directional pedestrian flow based on cellular automata model. Acta Physica Sinica, 57(11): 6901-08, 2008. (in Chinese)

10.    Hao Yue, Chunfu Shao, Yi Zhao, Xiaoming Chen. Study on Moving Pedestrian Tracking Based on Video Sequences. Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 2007, 7(4): 47-51.

11.    Chunfu Shao, Xiaoming Chen. A Review of Pedestrian Traffic Control at Signalized Intersections. Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 2007, 7(5): 18-23. (in Chinese)

12.    Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Yusu Guo. Studies on signal optimization combined with user equilibrium assignment. Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, 31(3): 18-21, 2007. (in Chinese)

13.    Xiaoming Chen, Chunfu Shao, Yi Zhao. Comparison of models for turning movement capacity of signalized intersections affected by bicycles. Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, 33(3): 34-45, 2009. (in Chinese)

14.    Feng Wang, Chao Li, Xuesong Zhou, Mahesh Nayak, Xiaoming Chen. Effectiveness of traffic management strategies at destination during emergency evacuation. Journal of Transportation Safety & Security, Vol. 2:152170, 2010.

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

15.    Xiaoming Chen, Xuesong Zhou, George F. List. A fluid-based approximation approach for optimizing dynamic queuing networks: application to seaport truck appointment systems. 89th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 2010.

16.    Yi Zhao, Chunfu Shao, Xiaoming Chen. Study on the vision-based detection and tracking of cyclists and pedestrians. The 14th ITS World Congress, Beijing, 2007.

Submitted Papers                                                                               

17.    Xiaoming Chen, Xuesong Zhou, George F. List.  Optimizing truck arrivals at seaports through time-dependent tolls. Submitted for Transportation Research, Part E.

18.    Xiaoming Chen, Yi Qi, Da Li. when should dual right-turn lanes be used at urban signalized intersections? Potential operational and safety benefits. Submitted for Presentation and Publication at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.

19.    Yi Qi, Yubian Wang, Xiaoming Chen, Lei Yu. Safety of dual right-turn lanes. Submitted for Presentation and Publication at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.

Sponsored Research

As principle investigator

w  TxDOT 6644, Development of Guidelines for Operationally Effective Raised Medians and the Use of Alternative Movements on Urban Roadways

w  SWUTC, Development of Warrants for Installation of Dual Right-Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections

w  TxDOT 6568, Use of Flashing Yellow Operations to Improve Safety at Signals with Protected-Permissive Left Turn (PPLT) Operations

w  TxDOT 6112, Development of Guidelines for Triple Left and Dual Right-Turn Lanes

As supporting roles

w  Understanding Contribution of Operations, Technology, and Design to Meeting Highway Capacity Needs, funded by SHRP 2 C05, Transportation Research Board

w  Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures in Operations and Planning Modeling Tools, funded by SHRP 2 L04, Transportation Research Board

w  Visualization Platform for Dynamic Network Assignment and Simulation, funded by TRANSIMS Application Research, FHWA

Professional Service As Peer Reviewer:                                                                                         

w  Journal of Transportation Research Board

AHB40: Highway Capacity and Quality of Service

ABE40: Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection

AHB25: Traffic Signal Systems

w  IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Conference

w  International Scientific Committee (ISC) of Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies

Professional Society Membership:                                                                                            

INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)

Honors and Awards:                                                                       

w  Academic Scholarship, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2001

w  Honorary Award for Outstanding Students, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2002

w  Academic Scholarship, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2002

w  Academic Scholarship, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2004

w  Academic Scholarship, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2005

w  Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2010









Department of Transportation Studies
TB 125, College of Science & Technology, Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston, Texas 77004-9986 USA
Phone (713) 313-1841 or (713) 313-6809 
 Fax (713) 313-1856  

Dr. Yi Qi, Interim Chair
Ms. Paula Eakins, Administrative Assistant

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Dr.Xiaoming Chen
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