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Copyright © 2001
Department of Transportation Studies
Texas Southern University


Visiting Scholar of Texas Southern University and Associate Professor of Dalian Maritime University

  • Office: Airway Science Building 121
  • Telephone: (713) 313-1831
  • Fax: (713) 313-1821
  • E-mail: yuyanliaaa@yahoo.com



Biographical Sketch

YANLI YU is a visiting scholar of the Department of Transportation Studies, Texas Southern University and an associate Professor of Transportation & Logistics College, Dalian Maritime University (DMU). She received her Master of Science degree in Department of Shipping Management, from Dalian Maritime University in 1992, Bachelor of Science Degree in Department of Electronic Engineering, from Dalian Maritime University in 1986.

Research Interests

    • Integrated transportation and transportation policy;
    • Financial and national economy evaluation on traffic projects;
    • Financing ships and shipping companies;
    • Asset evaluation and capital operation;
    • Maritime economics, ship investment and shipping market;


    • Engineering Economics
    • International Multi-Modal Transportation;
    • Transportation Economics
    • Shipping Management;
    • Maritime Economics
    • Accounting Theory.

Selected Publications 

  • YanliYuXianjun MengXinlian Xie, “Application of the Combination of AHP and Fuzzy Analysis for the Layout of Dalian Passenger Stations”. Proceedings of Traffic Research and Discovery (2005), P542-545 (China).

  • Yanli Yu, Jing Lv, “Orientation and Development Strategy of China’s Tanker Fleet”. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Logistics Strategy for Ports (ICLSP) (2004), P425-428.

  • Yanli Yu, Jun Wang, “Demand for Oil Crude Imports and the Chance for Developing China’s Tanker Transportation Industry”. Proceedings of Academic Discussion on Shipping (2003), P230-234 (China).

  • Yanli Yu, Xinlian Xie, “Study on the Ports’ Throughput of Coastal Coal Transportation in China”. Proceedings of 2001 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering (2001), P2221-2224.

  • Yanli Yu, “Analysis on the Factors of Influencing on the Structure of Container Fleet”. Shipping Management (1999), Vol.169, P14-16 (China).

  • Yanli Yu, “Analysis on the Characteristics of the Participants in International Logistics”. Proceedings of Research on Management of Dalian Maritime University (1999), P79-82 (China).

  • Yanli Yu, “Applications of the Pricing Theory in Transportation Industry” . Proceedings of Research on Management of Dalian Maritime University (1999), P83-84 (China).

  • Yanli Yu, Jiahua Wang, “Strategy of China’s Shipping Companies for Developing the Integrated Logistics in the 21st Century”. Proceedings of Research on Shipping Market and Management (1998). P163-168.

  • Yanli Yu, “Analysis on the Conditions of the International Backbone Terminals”. Journal of Dalian Maritime University (1998), Vol.24, No.3, P108-110 (China).

  • Wenli Sun, Yanli Yu, “Study on the Changjiang River Information Services”. Proceedings of Asia Navigation Conference (2005), P223-228.

  • Fangfang Fan, Yanli Yu,Xiaoru Lin, “The Road of a Powerful Shipbuilding Country”. Proceedings of Traffic Research and Discovery (2005), P48-51(China)

  • Shan Bai, Yanli Yu, Jiuhui Li, “Preliminary Research on Near-port Industry”.  Proceedings of Traffic Research and Discovery (2005), P364-367(China).

  • Haiyan Wang,Yanli Yu, “Discussion on the Building of Dalian North Container Core Harbour”. Journal of Dalian Maritime University (2003), Vol.29, P 86-90.

  • Jiuhui Li, Yanli Yu, “Comparing the Methods of Foreign Pports’ Financing on the Basis of Management System”. Shipping in the World (2003), P14-16 (China).


Awards and Special Recognitions

  • Yanli Yu, “Discussion on the Building of Dalian North Container Third place, “The First Prize of Advance of Science and Technology” by Liaoning Province for the project of “China’s Seaborne Trade System Servicing for the Crude Oil and Product Oil”, Funded by MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

Department of Transportation Studies
TB 125, College of Science & Technology, Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston, Texas 77004-9986 USA
Phone (713) 313-1841 or (713) 313-6809 
 Fax (713) 313-1856  

Dr. Yi Qi, Interim Chair
Ms. Paula Eakins, Administrative Assistant

Prof.Yuyanli *
Dr.Chen Xumei
Dr.Xiaoming Chen
Paul C.Simmons
Sharon Lewis
Denita Paul LaShore
Mary Rollins
Michael B.Miller

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