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RFID Applications in Transportation Operation and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).htm

Principal Investigator: Dr. Fengxiang Qiao

Sponsoring Agency:  Southwest Region University Transportation Center, SWUTC

Period: September 1, 2007 ~ August 31, 2008

Research Abstract:

It is anticipated that great applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies in transportation operations are foreseen in next few years. The lower cost producing and the long-lasting energy supply enables RFID technology with potential applications in many areas including transportation and logistics. Under the RFID equipped vehicle and highway system, almost all components (vehicles, highways, traffic signals, signs, symbols, pavement markers, etc.) can be provided with the long-lasting and cheap RFID tags or labels. RFID system typically includes an RFID device containing data, an antenna transmitting signals, an Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver generating signals, and a reader receiving RF transmissions. This research is intended to investigate the potential RFID applications in transportation operations through literature review and survey; and identify the possibility of incorporating RFID into the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Research Information

For further information about the research, please contact Dr. Fengxiang Qiao by telephone at (713) 313-1915 or by e-mail at qiao_fg@tsu.edu

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