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Symbols and warrants

Symbols and warrants for major traffic generator guide signing

Research Supervisor:   Fengxiang Qiao

Sponsoring Agency:    Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT 0-5800

Period:    December 1, 2006 ~ August 31, 2008

Research Abstract:

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Traffic signing is a critical part of the transportation system and one of the primary formal means of communicating information to road users. Signs in a nearby Major Traffic Generator (MTG) area are more special than other places as the private sectors are willing to have their commercial symbols to be installed. Since traffic generators are major regional attractions, events, or facilities which attract persons or groups from beyond a local community, city, or metropolitan area, suitable designed commercial symbols are able to help communications between the motorists and the generators. Currently, the guidance and manuals on MTG guide signing may not all fit to the actual needs and be suited to the drivers' psychological and driving behaviors. This means there is a need to establish the eligibility criteria, warranting procedures, and thresholds associated with guide signs for MTGs. The research objectives are (1) evaluate the drivers' driving and psychological behaviors under different designs of symbols for Major Traffic Generators; (2) simulate and examine the operational and safety impacts of symbols with commercial symbols; and (3) develop warrants of symbols for Major Traffic Generators. By this proposal, not only the conventional ways of realizing these types of warrants are proposed, but also the advanced driving simulator that TSU owns for the research team to use will be employed as a tool to simulate the impact of various symbols for the drivers' behaviors.


Research Information

For further information about the research, please contact Dr. Fengxiang Qiao by telephone at (713) 313-1915 or by e-mail at qiao_fg@tsu.edu.

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