Vision and Mission


We envision an education, research, training, and technology transfer program designed to develop a skilled and educated workforce that is highly competitive in a global market. The academic research and training program serves as an important resource of traffic and transportation engineers, planners, systems analyst, policy makers, business and industry leaders, logistics specialists, port managers, and security specialists for local, state, and federal governments, community organizations and agencies, and consulting companies in the nation.


In keeping with the traditional and urban mission of Texas Southern University, the Division of Transportation Studies in the College of Science and Technology will provide education that builds on the latest data, systems and technologies in transportation. In preparing the next generation of transportation professionals, particular attention will be given to attracting and retaining individuals who represent diverse backgrounds socially, economically, and academically, and especially those who have not been well represented among transportation professionals in the past. There is a strong commitment to partnership development and a climate wherein various racial/ethnic and culturally diverse groups can develop their full potential.