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Department of Transportation Studies
Texas Southern University


CTTR Scholarship

The Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR) is an innovative research component of Texas Southern University and provides graduate level management and research training in support of the Transportation Studies Program. The CTTR provides scholarships each semester for qualified students in transportation. The scholarships will cover tuition and a portion of the recipient’s living expenses. 

The requirements are as follows: ·

  1. Must be an applicant to the Masters Program in Transportation Studies,

  2. Must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in the last two years of study,

  3. Submit statement of professional or scholastic objective (max - one page), and

  4. Submit three scholastic or professional letters of reference.  

For further information, contact Dr. Carol A. Lewis at (713) 313-7924  or e-mail: lewis_ca@tsu.edu.

Eisenhower Fellowship

Applicants for MIHE fellowships must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. MIHE and must be pursuing a degree in a transportation related disciplines in a full-time program. Applicants must have at least one full academic year remaining in a program of study and must be enrolled for the entire academic year. A list of transportation-related disciplines can be found in appendix D or on the U&GP website (http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ugp/#FellowshipsDiscip). Foreign students who are not U.S. citizens must provide a certified copy of their student I-20 ID or I-551 Permanent Resident Card that is issued by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Fellowships are intended for:

• Undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) pursuing transportation-related undergraduate degrees at an MIHE who plan to enter the transportation profession upon completing their higher education.

• Graduate students (Masters or Doctorate) pursuing transportation-related graduate degrees who plan to enter a transportation profession upon completing their higher education.


 For further information, contact Mr. Khosro Godazi at (713) 313-7925  or e-mail: godazi_kx@tsu.edu.  

Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate students in Transportation have an unique opportunity to work with faculty and CTTR researchers on various externally funded research projects.  For further information contact Dr. Lei Yu at (713) 313-7007 (e-mail: yu_lx@tsu.edu) or Dr. Carol A. Lewis at (713) 313-7924 (e-mail: lewis_ca@tsu.edu). For application form, download here.

Dr. Naomi W. Lede'S Scholarship

The Naomi W. Lede' Institute for Innovation and Scholarship encourages scholastic excellence and innovation by providing scholarships for qualified students in the transportation fields.  The objectives of the Dr. Naomi W. Lede' Institute for Innovation and Scholarship are to prepare a highly qualified cadre of professionals with the ability to think critically and tackle existing and emerging issues in transportation.   The Naomi W. Lede' Institute was established for the purpose of inspiring and cultivating a continued spirit of motivation and excellence in achievement.  

Scholarships are intended for students who are presently enrolled in or are applicants to the Master's level program at Texas Southern University.

For further information, contact Dr. Carol A. Lewis at (713) 313-7924  (e-mail: lewis_ca@tsu.edu ) or Dr. Lei Yu at (713) 313-7007  ( e-mail: yu_lx@tsu.edu ) .

WTSF Scholarship

Department of Transportation Studies
TB 125, College of Science & Technology, Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston, Texas 77004-9986 USA
Phone (713) 313-1841 or (713) 313-6809 
 Fax (713) 313-1856  

Dr. Yi Qi, Interim Chair
Ms. Paula Eakins, Administrative Assistant


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