T.S.U. Celebrates its Newest Pilot

by Terrence H. Fontaine

Flight instructors, Capt. Sherrill and Dr. Connelly. Right, Mr. Odumabo climbing out of T.S.U.’s Cessna training aircraft which he flew for his flight examination.

Mr. Sunmisola (Sunmi) Odumabo earned is Pilot’s License on Tuesday August 4th after passing his FAA practical examination.

Mr. Odumabo has been a dedicated student within the Professional Pilot Concentration of Texas Southern University’s Department of Aviation Science since 2018. Entering as a Post-­‐Bac student, he moved successfully through the rigorous academic courses of the freshman, sophomore and junior classes regularly taking on more than 15 semester hours per semester. Sunmi always displayed a calm and even-­‐temper in the classroom and in the air, ultimately serving as an example to his peers within the program. Although generally quiet and soft-­‐spoken when the moment called for it, he displayed all the hallmarks of a class leader.