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The curriculum of study for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Maritime Transportation Management and Security provides students with three concentrations: Logistics/Freight, Security, and Environment. A detailed listing of these requirements is given below. Students selecting to pursue the B.S. in Maritime Transportation Management and Security are not required to declare a minor in another academic discipline. However, there is a track with for students who desire to choose a minor.   Additionally, grades of “C” or better must be earned in all Maritime Transportation Management and Security courses required leading to completion of the degree. Grades of “C-” are unacceptable. Prior to graduation, majors must pass an exit examination during their senior year.

The mission of the B.S. Program in Maritime Transportation Management and Security is fourfold:

(1) to produce graduates for a variety of administrative and managerial positions in maritime transportation and port operations,

(2) to produce graduates to function effectively in a number of diverse careers in three critical areas of maritime transportation: logistics, security, and environment,

(3) to provide students with the academic background and preparation for pursuing advanced studies in the field of maritime transportation or affiliated areas,

(4) to provide training programs and individual courses to individuals already in the maritime profession.

In the fulfillment of this mission, students selecting the Maritime Transportation Management and Security program as a major will be prepared for a number of career specialization options including but not limited to: Freight Logistics Specialist, Shipping Manager, Port Manager and Operator, Port Security Officer, Maritime Policy Maker, Maritime Transportation Planner, Environmental Compliance Coordinator/Specialist, and Emergency Response Specialist. To that end, graduates of the Maritime Transportation program will also be academically prepared for graduate studies in the discipline of maritime.