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Research Assistantship


Graduate Research Assistants in Our Labs


Graduate Research Assistant Opportunity


The Department of Transportation Studies (DTS) at Texas Southern University (TSU) provides a Graduate Research Assistant (RA) to qualified students in transportation. The basic requirements are as follows:


  • Must be an applicant to the Master Program in Transportation Studies,
  • Must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in the last two years of study,
  • Submit the Graduate Research Assistantship Application form,
  • Submit three scholastic or professional letters of recommendations, a resume, your latest transcript and a statement of scholastic objective and/or career goals and ambition (limits one page),
  • Strong background and/or great interest in computers and statistic is preferred
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in technical writing and communication skills.

The availability of Graduate Research Assistant is depended on the funded research projects. A background in transportation is not required.  The past and current students in the DTS have come to the program with backgrounds in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Aviation, Physics, Business, Economics, Biology, Public Affairs, Law, and English. The essential oral and writing English skills may be tested by interviews.