Department of Transportation Studies Win Two TxDOT Research Projects


Dr. Yi Qi and Dr. Mehdi Azimi win two individual research projects of the competitive TxDOT research program. The title of the first project, leading by Dr. Qi as principal investigator, is “Development of Systemic Large Truck Safety Analysis” with the total award of $118,036. The goal of this research is to analyze the risk factors of large truck involved crash, recommend low-cost, high effective countermeasures, as well as determine about how many large truck crashes can be reduced by specific countermeasures implementation. Texas has the highest number of fatal crashes involving large trucks in the U.S. since 1994, and this number grew significantly in the recent years. The final product of this project will be implementation-oriented recommendations on large truck-involved crash prevention and mitigation.


Dr. Qi's Development of Systemic Large Truck Safety Analysis Project                        Dr. Azimi's Identify Project Criteria for ITS Deployment in Work Zones

The principal investigator of the second project, “Identify Project Criteria for ITS Deployment in Work Zones”, is Dr. Azimi. TSU is the lead university in this project and the University of Texas at El Paso is the collaborating institution. The total award is $153,667, with TSU receiving $108,667. The goal of this project is to establish guidelines to help TxDOT to systematically identify the work zone intelligent transportation systems (ITS) locations as funding becomes available. Work zone ITS offer TxDOT the opportunity to significantly reduce work zone-induced congestion and delay as well as increased crash risks. In a fiscally-constrained environment, however, TxDOT will be unable to meet the full demand of work zone ITS deployment. The guidelines will allow the work zone ITS infrastructure to yield the highest potential benefit or rate of return by deploying the system in the most efficient and productive locations.